Trojan pig campaign

A 'Trojan Pig' protest was held in Blackburn recently to to raise awareness of the difference between British and imported pork.

The National Pig Association (NPA) took a giant wooden pig to the the town hall as part of a national campaign to ensure that all pork sold in the UK is produced to UK welfare standards and labelled accordingly.

Campaigners urged shoppers to look for the small Quality Standard Mark found on UK pork, which guarantees that products have been raised to the highest quality welfare standards by British farmers.

The NPA say that much of the pork imported from Eastern Europe comes from animals raised in conditions that would not be tolerated in the UK.

Barney Kay, of the NPA, told local press: "This is not an anti-import campaign. We want a level playing field to allow UK pig farmers to compete. Unclear labelling gives importers an advantage and deceives consumers."