Welsh take control of pig promotion

Welsh meat bosses are to take over the promotion of pig meat from Wales from the BPEX.

HCC - Meat Promotion Wales has announced it will now take direct responsibility for the marketing, promotion and development of the Welsh pig sector from the beginning of April this year.

At present, HCC has an agreement with BPEX to undertake activities on behalf of Welsh pig levy payers, using the levy that it collected at point of slaughter in Wales.

Rees Roberts, HCC chairman, said: "The Welsh pig sector, albeit very small in comparison to England, has different needs that are largely focused on localised supply chains and niche product development."

He continued: "It was the view of the board that Welsh pig levy payer needs could be best accommodated in the future by HCC directly, and it was therefore decided that from 1 April 2008, HCC would itself provide the necessary activities for the sector."

The decision follows a meeting of the HCC Board of Directors, who discussed the future needs of the Welsh red meat sector and, in particular, how HCC could best meet these needs to ensure a sustainable future for the lamb, beef and pig sectors in Wales.