Thousands more add weight to pig campaign

The number of people pledging their support for the 'Pigs Are Worth It' campaign has now reached over 17,000.

But what does this number actually mean? Well, when compared to all the petitions featured on the 10 Downing Street website, www.pm.gov.uk, the 'Pigs Are Worth It' campaign petition would sit either first or second in 15 of the 16 topic categories (and fifth in the 16th), which include International Affairs & Defence, Business & Industry and Transport & Infrastructure, in terms of the greatest number of signatories.

BPEX chairman Stewart Houston commented: "The response and support we've received for our campaign demonstrates massive interest in the plight of pig farmers in the UK and has struck a chord with consumers, who have recognised the urgent need for fairer prices down the supply chain."

The boost to the campaign petition follows significant activity throughout March, gaining widespread media coverage.

Activity during the month has included hundreds of farmers and supporters travelling to London from across the country to rally outside Downing Street and the release of the reworked Tammy Wynette song 'Stand By Your Ham', recorded in a London studio by 30 pig farmers and supporters. If you haven't yet heard the song or seen the video, click on to www.pigsareworthit.co.uk now.