Rare-breed sausages spotted in Sainsbury's

A Newmarket butcher has done a deal with Sainsbury's to stock his rare-breed Gloucestershire Oldspot sausages.

Grant Powter makes the sausages by combining hand boned cuts of rare-breed Gloucestershire Oldspots pork with a blend of sage, marjoram and pepper, together with cider and apples. The Powter family has been making sausages for four generations and will now be churning out enough Gloucestershire Oldspot sausages for 25 Sainsbury's stores in East Anglia.

Grant has sourced the pigs from one farmer, and their pedigree is accredited by Traditional Breeds Meat Marketing (TBMM) to ensure the authenticity and provenance customers want. The Gloucestershire Oldspot breed are kept on small, local farms where the farmers work closely with their stock to ensure a high standard of welfare.

These factors produce well-marbled and succulent meat with a fuller flavour. Because the pork used is available only in limited quantities, the premium price of the sausages is a guarantee that only the best ingredients are used. Grant claimed that the sausages are the only product of their kind to be made from one pedigree rare breed.

They retail at £2.99 for a 400g pack and are also available loose from Grant's shop in Wellington Street, Newmarket.