Wall's new campaign aims for the best bits

Wall's sausages has dropped its famous dog in favour of a new national £8m TV ad campaign to reinforce the brand's quality credentials

. With the strapline 'Made with the two finest cuts of pork for sausages', the campaign started this month and runs until the end of November.

It features a playful look at what the 'two best bits' in life might be, in a series of four familiar situations, to reinforce the message that Wall's now selects only the two finest cuts of pork - shoulder and belly - for its sausages. In 'Baby', for example, a father is seen cuddling his newborn baby, then the ad cuts to the father waving his son off to university. In 'Wedding', we see a couple exchanging their vows, then the ad cuts to the mother of the bride, drunkenly dancing on a table.

The resolution of each 20-second ad is a close-up of Wall's sausages, the sound of sizzling and the text: 'We only select the two best bits', followed by the new strapline.

The new ad campaign forms part of a major relaunch for the brand, which includes not only the new product formulation, but also new ranges, distinctive new packaging and a new logo.

Tamsin Boardman, Wall's brand manager, said: "Wall's advertising has a long history of being a part of popular culture and we wanted to keep this populist spirit alive in the new campaign.

"The main difference, however, is that with the 'two best bits', we are putting our fantastic ingredients story at the heart of the campaign.

"Mums will be reassured that they can keep on buying the Wall's sausages they love, safe in the knowledge that they use only the finest ingredients."

In addition to TV, Wall's will be running radio, press and online campaigns, all of which feature the 'two best bits' strapline.

The new best-in-class recipe sausages will replace the existing Standard and Favourite Recipe ranges with one range comprising Classic Pork, Cumberland, Lincolnshire, Thin, Skinless and Micro Sausages.

The total Wall's brand is worth £65m and is in 4% growth. Wall's currently holds an 8% share of the UK branded sausage market.