Gunnell Backs British Chicken

British Chicken Marketing (BCM)'s third annual 'Roast a British Chicken Weekend' which takes place between 3 and 4 March 2007 looks set to be its biggest to date.

The event, which helps prolong whole bird sales at the end of the winter season, is getting a huge push from the retailers and has the support of former athlete and BCM's ambassador, Sally Gunnell.

All major supermarket chains are on board, featuring a mix of promotional stickers and POS in the fresh chicken aisles - with some supermarkets highlighting the weekend for up to four weeks, rather than the week-long build up of past years.

Gunnell will also encourage families and friends to join the celebrations and enjoy a sociable meal around the dinner table. She is joining forces with leading nutritionist Jane Clarke to talk to a wealth of radio stations about the social and nutritional benefits of a roast chicken dinner in the lead up to the weekend.

The poultry farmer's daughter will also voice the 'buy British' message in BCM's first ever press advertisements, which focus on 'Roast a British Chicken Weekend' and feature in women's weeklies at the end of February.

"I really love a home-cooked meal with family or friends, and if I'm cooking chicken, it has to be British," Gunnell said.

"Roast a British Chicken Weekend is a great reminder for people to make time for each other and enjoy a good, nutritious meal around the table - something many people simply don't find time for these days," she added.