price trends

Market update


The GB deadweight cattle price eased further in week ended 9 June. The steer price fell by 1p on the week to average 202p/kg, heifers were back 0.5p to 201p/kg and young bulls were down nearly 2p to average 192p/kg.

In the week ended 13 June, the finished cattle trade at GB auction markets saw steers level at 112p/kg, heifers at 114p/kg and young bulls average 107p/kg. The average producer cattle price fell by 1% between April and May and there was a marginal increase in the retail beef price, making the farm-to-retail price spread increase to 55%, the widest since November 2005.


The SQQ price of new-season lambs sold at GB auction markets fell by over 2p to 123.37p/kg in the week ended 13 June, 15p lower compared to the same 2006 week.

In the week ended 9 June, the old-season lamb price rose by 12p to average 233p/kg dw. At 271p, the new-season lamb price rose by just over 1p week-on-week. Both prices were around 17% lower compared with the same week last year.

The sheep producer price remained unchanged between April and May and although the average retail price for lamb rose marginally it meant that the price spread remained relatively stable month-on-month at 57%.


The DAPP breached the 109p mark in the week ended 9 June, increasing by a further 0.27p on the previous week and reflecting continuing strong demand. Prices were last this high in May 2006. Sow prices stabilised at around 57p/kg dw in the week. The average EU pig price rose by 1% in the week ended 3 June.