Thanks to a formidable president

In under a month, William Lloyd Williams' term as president of the National Federation of Meat Traders comes to an end. During this time, I have been present at meetings regarding the future of the meat inspection service at which William has put the case of the small abattoir eloquently and forcefully. Hopefully, in part due to William's efforts, it seems there may be a future for the small abattoir sector with an independent meat inspection service that is proportional to the risk, this is something I did not think would be possible a few months ago. A president who is also an operator is a formidable weapon, especially when armed with an armful of Meat Trades Journals, showing that we have been here before with the small sector under threat. With local food being the current flavour, perhaps people are at last beginning to realise the importance of the small plants in linking farmer, butcher and customer. So thank you, William, for your efforts and I hope you enjoy your retirement.