A time of change

Welcome to your new revamped Meat Trades Journal. As you will have seen from our front-page stories, some major changes are taking place, not just in the industry, but within its trade press sector as well.

While the demise of the MLC in its present form has been expected for some time, the merger between the Journal and Meat & Poultry News may have taken some by surprise.

The merger is a significant and exciting move for everyone, providing a single focal point for discussion and debate.

Nicci Piggott, former editor of MPN is onboard and working with us closely to ensure a smooth transition, one which will see the best elements of both titles retained under the new publication.

Combining this move with the relaunch of the Journal, and publication of new sister title, MTJ Extra, adds further impetus in our campaign to reinvigorate our coverage of the industry. Within this magazine are a range of new features, as well as a few old favourites, and as we move forward we aim to continue to evolve and adapt to meet the needs of our readers in the meat and poultry sectors.

The meat sector has a real buzz about it at the moment, with innovative companies responding to increasing consumer awareness on food issues, as well as meeting the growing demand for home-produced, exciting food solutions.

MTJ has been reporting on the industry for 123 years now, and I think the various changes taking place will leave us in a strong position to continue that coverage.