Handful of accolades for Black pudding co

The Real Lancashire Black Pudding Company (RLBPC) has been awarded with BRC Global Food Standards accreditation which ensures that suppliers adhere to strict and exacting controls.

An audit and inspection was carried out over a period of two days at the company during which every aspect of the business was scrutinised to establish that all controls and good practices were in place. This process looked at in particular, hygiene, food safety, traceability and manufacturing procedures.

"This is an enormous achievement for a small family run business, especially when you consider that we have built and developed the systems ourselves," said managing director of the company, Andrew Holt.

The RLBPC was also awarded runners up in the (BIBA) Awards for "Marketing With Impact" at a presentation in Blackpool attended by over 650 local businesses representatives and key dignitaries.

Director of the company, Sara Lusty, said: "We were very honoured to be even nominated for this award, especially when you look at the blue-chip competition."

In addition to this, the company entered products into "the biggest and most prestigious black pudding competition in the world" in Mortagne-au-perche, France. The company won two gold medals and one Grande Prix de Excellence at the competition which boasted over 800 entrants from all over Europe.