Sainsbury's to help drive lamb sales with two new cuts

Sainsbury's is to launch two new lamb lines to help drive British lamb sales and support British lamb farmers.

Sainsbury's is to launch two new lamb lines to help drive British lamb sales and support British lamb farmers - reinforcing the retailer's commitment to British farmers who have been affected by the partial foot and mouth export ban.

British lamb currently has a limited route to market outside the UK, so Sainsbury's hopes to drive customer demand with two new lamb cuts and through a number of initiatives already in-store, such as tasty 'Try' recipe cards for British lamb shoulders, and tempting offers coming up, including free rosemary with lamb.

The retailer hopes to source 10,000 British light lambs per week through its new quarter lamb pack, consisting of half leg of lamb, half shoulder and chops. Sainsbury's doesn't currently use light lambs in its range but due to export restrictions it will create a new market for farmers. This product has a mixture of meal occasion uses and is ideal for freezing. Another innovation is the boneless 'cushion' shoulder of lamb, which is an innovative way for customers to use lamb shoulder and is not traditionally sold in UK supermarkets. The new lamb offer will be in stores w/c 15October.

Karen Schenstrom, Fresh Foods director at Sainsbury's said; "We recognise that the traditional export market for British lamb is partially closed, so we are working hard to drive customer demand for British lamb. Sainsbury's is fully committed to supporting British lamb farmers at this difficult time and offer an immediate lifeline for farmers until exports fully resume.

"When foot and mouth broke out recently we immediately sent out over 100,000 'Try' recipe tip cards to our stores with three tasty ways for our customers to enjoy quality British lamb."

"These two lamb cuts are a first for Sainsbury's and we are delighted that we can offer our customers the opportunity to try something new, with the added benefit of supporting British lamb farmers. We will continue to look for new cuts and develop new ideas to promote British lamb."

The move supports calls from the NSA, (National Sheep Association) the NFU (National Farmers Union) and Jamie Oliver for supermarkets to support the UK sheep industry and encourage customers to switch to buying British lamb.

In the next two weeks over 26,000 customers will be able to sample tasty British lamb, as part of Sainsbury's Taste Festival - which is the UK's biggest sampling initiative.