The campaign for a fair return for Britain's pig producers is gaining momentum, with Sainsbury's and McDonald's pledging rises in the amount they pay.

On top of that, Morrisons has become the first of the big four to pledge to sell only British fresh pork. These three together will help to drive up the price British producers receive at a time when pig farmers are losing money with every pig they sell.

Feed prices have doubled and that, coupled with disease restrictions, means the industry is in turmoil. Though prices in all the major supermarkets have risen, the price paid to producers is not, at present, showing the same increase.

Those rises must be passed all the way down the supply chain. Producers will not be able to hold out very long if they do not get a fair return.

It is important that British producers stay in business and continue to supply high-welfare pork and pork products. Demand for such products is growing and the producers must be there to meet that demand.