The misleading origins of bacon

Today, I visited the Somerfield supermarket in Mold, North Wales to buy some bacon. In view of the recent publicity about the problems of British Pig Farmers I decided to buy some British bacon.

I saw a packet of 250g of bacon labelled 'Butcher's Choice Wiltshire Bacon' and assumed that by buying this and paying approximately 50p more than the equivalent Danish bacon, I would be doing my bit for British bacon. However, closer inspection of the packet revealed on the reverse, in very small type, the words 'Produced from Danish Pork, cured and packed in the UK'.

I believe this to be extemely misleading. The only purpose I can think of to name this

'Wiltshire Bacon' is to persuade me that it comes from the UK and therefore is worth the

price premium.

I would be interested to hear your view on the matter and would ask the producers to consider re-labelling this