Packaging solutions

A packaging solutions company is offering holographic labels with the aim of establishing a strong brand for companies, as well as ensuring authenticity and protection against tampering.

Light Impressions International develops custom holographic images. John D Brown, chairman of the company, said: "It's less about just slapping on a hologram, more about seamlessly integrating the holographic panel, stripe or seal in with the entire packaging design concept. Many hologram designs are

based on how the light is going to play with the image when

it's displayed, and when it's being handled.

"Generally speaking, the most successful brands are those that use the packaging surface in order to enhance credibility, motivate purchase and encourage loyalty. More often than not in the mind of the consumer, there is little separation between the package and the product; it's all part of the brand identity equation."

Light Impressions' BrandMax OVD draws consumers to the pack while deterring counterfeiters. This means marketing managers do not have the problem of separate budgets, finding money for product decoration and for brand protection.