ABP signs up to CHEP

A leading UK supplier of meat products has joined the CHEP container pooling programme to increase the efficiency and productivity of its operation.

ABP says the decision has led to a reduction to the damage caused to its products in transit and provided other benefits relating to environmental impact and hygiene management.

The business is now shipping a number of its products using CHEP Magnum Containers to food processors and manufacturers in the UK and Ireland. ABP previously used a combination of one way packaging and cardboard containers.

Due to the need to enforce high standards of hygiene when transporting food products, the industry is moving away from using both wood and cardboard containers.

"At ABP food safety is our top priority and by working with CHEP we can ensure that we are fully aligned with the latest food hygiene legislation. CHEP's pooling system also reduces product damage and transport costs, therefore drastically improving productivity and efficiency" said John Donaldson from ABP.

Trace Norton, senior vice president, containers, CHEP said, "We are very pleased with ABP's decision to join the CHEP equipment pool and they are already realising the benefits in terms of cost savings and increased efficiencies. We are confident that other manufacturers in the food sector and elsewhere who are currently managing their own containers, will see the advantages in switching to CHEP in order to gain similar benefits."