Peelable lidding films

Bemis Europe has introduced peelable and resealable lidding films for mono-RPET packages.

The environmentally-friendly PET EZ Peel and PET Peel-Reseal films seal directly to mono-RPET base webs and trays.

They feature a PET sealant layer that forms a fusion seal to the mono-RPET base to guarantee a tight, hermetic package, said the company.

An integrated EZ Peel layer guarantees a smooth, consistent opening on every package.

Bemis said the products will help retailers and producers of fresh and sliced meat, ready-meals, and pre-packed cheese meet sustainability targets.

PET EZ Peel and PET Peel-Reseal from Bemis address sustainability concerns in a number of ways - namely, source-reduction, recyclability, and recycle content.

The mono-RPET base is fully recyclable in the existing PET waste-stream, while the RPET base web can contain up to 70% post-consumer recycled PET. These benefits make a significant impact on meeting sustainability targets, according to Bemis.

The peel strength is 'built into the film', so the 'peelability' of the package is not affected by normal variations in temperature and pressure.

Constant machine adjustments and difficult-to-open packages are a thing of the past, said Bemis.

By reducing the thickness of the base web by 50%, productivity of the packaging machine is improved as fewer roll changes are required per shift.

Bemis' PET EZ-Peel and PET Peel-Reseal films can be used on on all common tray sealing and thermoforming systems, said the supplier.