Budgens new range launched

Budgens has launched a new premium own-label range with the brand name 'Our Kitchen'.

The first phase of 43 products, all fresh, was launched in all stores during July with an offer of 20% off all products for the first five weeks to encourage trial.

The Our Kitchen range focuses on the quality and provenance of the ingredients. The range includes Devonshire Red corn-fed chicken paupiettes; seabass with soy, rosemary and ginger butter; asparagus and buffalo mozzarella medaglioni grandi; stuffed red peppers; and summer pudding.

Every product has a point of difference, whether it's a special ingredient or a unique history, and on-pack descriptions give customers more detailed information, such as how ingredients were selected or where the recipe comes from.

With its stand-out colour scheme, the Our Kitchen packaging uses illustration and photography to emphasise the 'real food' message at the heart of the Budgens brand.

Packaging materials also reflects the premium quality of Our Kitchen, with products such as cheese wrapped in opaque parchment and the fresh coffee range packed in foil to keep it fresh.

Steve Carter, Musgrave head of buying for fresh food: "The Our Kitchen range means even more choice for our customers and the aim is to tell them as much as possible about each product and where it comes from. It's great food with no fuss and we're really looking forward to seeing customer reaction."