Hunt is on for goose fat uses

The Goose Fat Information Service (GFIS) is on the hunt for the most unusual use of goose fat, with £100 and a case of goose fat being awarded to the most original and interesting idea.

With over 20 million tonnes of food thrown away in the UK every day, being resourceful with food ingredients has never been so important, and it is interesting to see the different and unusual uses that people come up with for ingredients left over in the kitchen cupboard.

For instance, white wine vinegar is commonly used for cleaning and to remove stains, and toothpaste is often used to clean jewellery, but it appears that goose fat can also be used for a variety of things apart from cooking,

Goose fat has long been the essential ingredient for roast potatoes, and is seen to add a tasty distinction to recipes such as risotto and pastry. However, it is also used as a waterproofing agent for leather items, such as boots, or to grease a stiff lock. Most famously, Little Britain star David Walliams smeared himself with goose fat to keep warm when swimming the channel.

The team of goose fat experts behind the Goose Fat Information Service have therefore decided to invite entries for creative handy hints or recipes using goose fat, with a prize of £100 and a case of goose fat to be awarded to the best, and it being published on their website, www.goosefat.co.uk .

To submit an idea please either email it across to info@goosefat.co.uk detailing your name and address or post your entry to The Impact Agency, 3 Bloomsbury Place, London WC1A 2QL