Chicken still UK favoured meat

Chicken is still the nation's favourite meat - three-quarters of consumers eat it once a fortnight and it is even more popular with families with a third eating it several times a week.

The UK produces around 1.6 million tonnes of poultry each year while consumers eat around 1.8 million tonnes of poultry per year so it is not surprising that imports have gone up.

Recent TNS data has shown that total fresh primary chicken value sales are up 1.9% year on year while total fresh primary chicken volume sales are up 5.9% year-on-year. Whole bird sales are 3.5% in value and 10% in volume. According to TNS fillet sales were up 2.4% in value and 4.8% in volume.

Since carving a bird properly is a dying skill, explains British Chicken Marketing Director Ruth Griffith, 10 minute slots with Master Carver Paul Muddiman has been featured on ITV's This Morning.