Goosey gets some winter warmers

?The lengths one small producer took to cheer up her ailing flock

When goose farmer Karol Bailey saw a few members of her flock looking unwell, she decided on a slightly unusual course of action. She gathered the sickly geese

together, eased their little heads into warm hats and wrapped scarves around their necks.

"One or two of them just looked a bit miserable," said Bailey, of Holly Tree Farm in Knutsford, "and it was really horrible and wet. When you are a small producer you just try and do anything you can to make them feel happy, because if they're not happy, they don't produce good meat."

Bailey cut a hole in babies' socks to make the head hole for the bonnets and used thick scarves to keep the birds' necks warm. "They were a bit worried to begin with, but they seemed to perk up after an hour or so," she said.