Asda's new turkey

Asda has announced it is to sell a special breed of turkey this Christmas.

The Extra Special Slate Blue is a breed from the 1880s, and Asda has joined forces with suppliers, Traditional Norfolk Poultry to re-introduce the breed and help save the Slate Blue from the critically rare list. There was as few as 50 breeding pairs left in the UK, until the commerical breeding plan introduced through Asda increased the breeding flock considerably.

Asda's agricultural manager, Chris Brown looked into re-introducing the special breed after 33% of Asda customers said they would be tucking into delicacies such as guinea fowl, duck and goose as an alternative to turkey.

Brown said: "Already we have increased the breeding population of this rare turkey breed seven-fold. The Blue Slate is sure to be a winner this Christmas, and we have already received over 350 enquiries about pre-orders to date.

Mark Gorton, director of Traditional Norfolk Poultry said: "We are absolutely delighted to be working with Asda on this project, bringing a traditional Victorian breed of turkey offering for customers, whilst also ensuring the protection of the species for years to come."