MP asks multiples to promote Scottish lamb

A Scottish MP has asked supermarkets to start promoting Scottish lamb.

Angus MacNeil MP, SNP Westminster rural affairs spokesperson, asked the multiples to support Scottish farmers, who have been left with as many as 250,000 lambs as a result of the FMD export ban.

Although the export ban has now been lifted, the market for these lambs has now passed and they remain on Scottish hills and islands, facing immediate welfare problems.

MacNeil said that although a welfare disposal scheme has been put in place, it would be better if the animals could be sold for consumption.

"It is bad enough that these animals will have to be slaughtered, but it seems immoral that this perfectly good meat, as much as 2,500 tonnes, will go for incineration," he said.

"Scottish lamb is renowned for its quality, and I am urging the supermarket chains to promote it, and indeed shoppers themselves to put it on their menu.

"Clearly, there is only so much extra lamb that people will eat, but as far as possible consumption is undoubtedly a better option than incineration."