Turkeys climbs onboard Red Tractor

After several months of discussion it has been decided that Quality British turkeys are to join the Red Tractor logo scheme.

From 1 September 2007 turkey meat from farms certified under the Quality British Turkey (QBT) scheme will be suitable to carry the Red Tractor logo.

Assured Food Standards (AFS), the organisation that runs the Red Tractor scheme has made a detailed review of the QBT standards and is satisfied that they meet the exacting requirements of other Red Tractor schemes.

They set standards for turkey production designed to ensure strict standards of food safety and animal welfare. Farms and processing facilities are independently inspected annually to make sure that the standards are met.

David Clarke, Chief Executive of Assured Food Standards said: "Until now turkey production has been one of the few sectors of UK agriculture outside of the Red Tractor scheme.

"We can now look forward to a full Red Tractor Christmas dinner in 2007 with assured turkey as the centrepiece trimmed with Red Tractor chipolatas, roast potatoes, sprouts, parsnips and whatever else takes your fancy from the vast range of assured ingredients.

"But it's not just about Christmas - we hope the association between QBT and AFS will promote national recognition of professionally produced British turkey all year round."

Andrew Lewins, British Turkey Industry chairman said, "We believe that the association with Red Tractor is an exciting progression that recognises the high standards set by the Quality British Turkey scheme.

"QBT is the only ISO 45001 approved turkey growing and processing scheme in the world and now consumers will be helped to recognise farm assured British turkey when they shop, having confidence that the product has been produced to world class standards."