IFP's green credentials

Irish Food Processors (IFP) is to invest in a world class bio-diesel facility which will be the largest of its type in Europe.

Following three years of research into the best available technology, the company is to invest in Europe's largest animal bio-diesel facility, capable of converting animal fat into 110m litres of bio-diesel annually.

The group expansion into renewable energy underpins its considerable slaughtering and rendering capability in Ireland and in the UK, enabling it to convert indigenous and sustainable feed stocks into bio-diesel. The amount of planned investment is undisclosed, although financing will be provided directly by IFP.

Its acquisition, in March 2006, of Liverpool based Sanders Products Ltd, a collector and re-processor of Irish and British used cooking oil, will add further support to the long-term viability of this venture.

IFP's new Renewable Energy Division has selected a plant capacity of 110m litres to ensure it remains competitive as the sector matures and internationally, as competitors construct plants of increasing scale to secure the requisite economies of scale.

IFP wishes to locate Europe's largest animal fat bio-diesel facility in Ireland, and eagerly awaits the publication a study from the department of communication; marine and natural resources in Dublin.

Site locations have been selected in both Ireland and the UK, but any final decision will be a function of regulatory certainty, access to indigenous raw materials, and route to market for finished product.