Award winning organic website relaunched

A pioneering organic business is realaunching its website to celebrate a decade online.

Graig Farm Organics' award winning website, which has been running since 1997, has undergone a thorough re-design and improvement.

Over the years the website has attracted various unusual requests from all over the world, including a request from Taiwan for a container full of chicken testicles- an enquiry which wasn't pursued.

"It makes you realise how small the world has become." said Bob Kennard, partner at Graig Farm.

"Within minutes of taking a photograph of say our stunning local landscape, anyone in the world with access to the internet can see it!

"We always aimed to inform people as well as sell to them. Whilst many more people now buy organic food, I am not sure how many really understand the many benefits of organic food. We try to explain this in our website."

"We also concentrate on artisan-produced foods, with a real story behind it, which we try to tell our customers.

"It makes for a more interesting experience if you know something of the history behind the food you are eating, as well as something about the people who worked hard to produce it.

"That is why each pack of our meats has a label informing the consumer not only who produced the meat, but where the farm is and even the breed of the animal.

"Graig Farm pioneered this approach to traceability with our own unique system."

In addition to launching the new website, Graig Farm has also expanded their choice of organic hampers.

Aside from their Christmas hampers which contain all the ingredients for a traditional Christmas meal, they now offer unsual Christmas present ideas including the organic Hamper for a Favourite Auntie and the Organic Continental Hamper- with a range of traditional Christmas foods from around Europe.