Meat plant protest

A small group of meat workers staged a protest at Hilton Meats over working hours today.

The protest, organised by the T&G section of Unite, the union, was held at the Huntingdon factory to demonstrate concern among some workers about the introduction of new shift patterns, which they said would harm family life.

The workers currently work five eight-hour weekday shifts, but from 20 August, Hilton is proposing to change the shifts to three 13-hour shifts, Monday-Saturday.

Protesters claimed that the longer hours would have a negative impact on family life, including childcare arrangements and a reduction in overtime.

A spokesman for Hilton Meats said the company had fully consulted with staff on the issue and talks were ongoing: "We are continuing to talk to our employees and will attempt to resolve any concerns that they have, as we wish to retain all our employees, who are skilled and very committed."