Dunbia launches bursaries

A leading meat supplier has launched three student bursaries in a bid to boost training for the sector.

Dunbia created the bursaries after building strong relationships in the past 12 months with CAFRE and Harper Adams University.

The company has worked in partnership with CAFRE and Harper Adams on a number of initiatives and events, such as student placements, master classes, career fairs, and supporting college recruitment events as well as providing student advice.

A company spokesman said: "With an aim to build long-term, strategic relationships these bursaries provide CAFRE and Harper Adams University with a relevant source of industry knowledge and expertise for their students and, in return, provides Dunbia with a sustainable source of talented graduates.

"The launch of these bursaries, which will support three students through their first year of study, demonstrates Dunbia's commitment to CAFRE and Harper Adams University and their students. The successful students awarded the bursaries will have access to Dunbia for project support, work placement and general business advice."