Changing one thing on a pig unit can have unexpected results in other areas but now a Breeding Herd Calculator has been developed by the British Pig Executive (BPEX) to help tackle this.

It will complement the Feeding Herd Calculator launched on the BPEX website a few weeks ago.

It allows producers to estimate the effects of changes in sow productivity, feed and other costs on the net margin per weaner pig sold on for growing and finishing.

At times of high feed costs the calculator is an invaluable tool, which can be used to estimate reductions in losses through improved sow productivity and lower costs.

The calculator was developed by Dr Pinder Gill, BPEX Pig Technical Manager who said: "This is an important tool which can help producers make management decisions about their unit.

"It gives them an idea of what will happen when changes are made and will help the producer, in conjunction with advisors, find the best way forward taking into account market and other conditions."

Members of the BPEX Knowledge Transfer Team are also available to help and they can be contacted via the BPEX website, www.bpex.org.uk