Campaign Successfully Boosts Scotch Lamb Sales

Sales of Scotch Lamb have increased by 26% as a result of a major £500,000 marketing campaign coordinated by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS).

QMS was able to extend the Scotland wide promotional campaign following a £100,000 funding boost from the Scottish government in response to the crisis faced as a result of FMD movement restrictions.

Analysis of Scotch Lamb sales in Scotland between August and October by leading market analysts, TNS, revealed figures were up by a quarter on the same period the year before.

The campaign consisted of heavyweight advertising on billboards and in magazines and newspapers with a new angle aimed at building sales of Scotch Lamb by reminding consumers how easy it is to cook with.

Speaking at the QMS Organised Beef and Lamb forum yesterday (7 November), QMS Head of Marketing Laurent Vernet, said: "The new figures provide a good signal that Scots, who traditionally eat less lamb than their English and Welsh counterparts, are starting to include more lamb in their diet.

"One of the things QMS can do to help farmers is to really drive domestic consumption of Scotch Lamb, not only with consumers but with the food service sector as well."

The next stage of the campaign will kick off at the start of next year. There will be a wedder lamb promotion in January and a major food service conference in February, as well as a series of adverts in the main trade magazines.

"We're really working with farmers to get the message across that by buying Scotch Lamb, consumers get a taste of one of Scotland's finest products and in doing so provide much needed support to Scottish farmers," said Vernet.