Turkeys to cost more this Christmas

A leading turkey producer has warned that people will have to pay more for their turkeys this Christmas.

Extraordinarily high wheat prices this autumn means that turkey farmers have seen the cost of production increase considerably.

In his annual letter to retailers Paul Kelly, managing director of Kelly Turkeys, said that NFU cost analysis has shown average costs 10-15% higher for quality Christmas turkeys.

Kelly warned that with massive cut backs in round-the-year production, turkey 'butterflies and other cuts are likely to be in short supply for Christmas. In addition, prices for mainstream turkey could rise as much as 22% on current prices due to the "just unbelievable hike in wheat prices this harvest."

Diversity in the turkey market means that the top end of the market is not price sensitive and one premium KellyBronze turkey will sell for as much as five frozen turkeys. Kelly predicted retail prices of retail prices of £1.20 to £2.50 / kg for the 4.5 million frozen turkeys compared to £7.70 to £12.50 / kg for the 375,000 traditional farm fresh bronze.