Liver Set to Liven up 2007

Liver will be making a come-back in popularity in 2007 a food producer and meat specialist from North Yorkshire predicts.

Holmesterne managing director, Keith Tindell, said liver is enjoying a revival in his firm with sales up by 50% in six months.

Tindell said: "School dinners put many people off liver, but much of the blame should lie at the feet of poor catering. A good lamb's liver, freshly pan-fried, with onions and dry-cured bacon is delicious.

"Chefs love to push the boundaries and experiment with new ideas and those innovations trickle through to our home kitchens eventually. Now that liver has been discovered to be a 'power food', it's become popular with the health-conscious too."

Liver is widely known to be packed with vitamin A and iron, but it's also an important source of riboflavin, or vitamin B2. Despite its unquestionable health benefits, nutritionists do warn against eating it in large quantities, because it does contain cholesterol.

Tindell added: "Liver is a very concentrated source of high quality protein, vitamins and minerals and it's interesting that 'liver in disguise' dishes, such as foie gras and pate have never gone out of style."

Holmesterne could see another 50% increase in liver sales in the next six months. The firm is currently cooking in the region of 10-15t per week, with new customers placing orders for January.

"I was really surprised to see the sales figures for liver rise so sharply. What started as an interesting development in the meat trade has definitely become a trend for 2007," Tindell said.