Farm visit sparks debate

A group of sheep farmers are debating the efficiency of their businesses after a recent visit to high performing farm in Co Antrim.

The visit, to Gerard McCambridge's farm, was organised by the Livestock & Meat Commission for Northern Ireland in connection with local CAFRE Development Advisers Pat McCambridge and Mike McCorry, in order to analyse industry figures.

The opportunity allowed sheep farmers to compare statistics with each other using a confidential coding system, which created heavy discussion into the features that contribute to sheep profitability.

These features became a main focus of the visit as the farmers later participated in a tour of McCambridge's sheep farm. Grassland productivity, flock replacement policy, lamb marketing and general flock husbandry were all addressed as a result of the enterprises' questionable prosperity.

All partakers of the visit concluded that the exercise was extremely successful in allowing a productive analysis of the common problems of sheep farming.

It allowed the farmers the chance to discuss possible solutions and plan for a brighter future.