Red Tractor racing

This week has seen a week of activity, including MPs racing on mini-tractors in the heart of London, all aimed at boosting the profile of Assured Food Standard's Red Tractor scheme.

Red Tractor Week, which ran from 9 July, got underway with a race between MPs on mini red tractors in Covent Garden, London. The week-long promotion is aiming to grow awareness of the RT food assurance scheme.

Colin Smith, chair of AFS, said last year it had a Red Tractor Day, this year it has an entire week of activity. "We've got celebrity chef James Tanner to act as our front man and we'll be doing visits to stores and doing a number of radio and television interviews.

"This is all about getting across to the consumer what Red Tractor stands for and get them thinking about what they're eating."

He said the penetration for the logo was now very, with the symbol now appearing in all the major retailers and they were working hard to drive home the message to consumers. "We've been doing quite a lot of work in the consumer press, women's magazines and others, which have all been helping us to get across what Red Tractor stands for."