NFU in Brussels for CAP debate

The European Parliament heard the NFU position on the CAP Health Check earlier this week.

Speaking in Brussels on Tuesday (27 June), NFU deputy president Meurig Raymond urged MEPs, stakeholders and industry representatives to support stronger market focus, and explained that it is vital that European farmers sever the link between payments and production if the industry is to benefit from supply-led demand.

"Full decoupling should be top of the agenda for all those member states which haven't already introduced it. It is crucial to establish a level playing field in the EU market," he said.

Raymond's speech addressed the topic of upper limits on payments and underlined the impracticality of such a policy, which penalises more efficient farmers.

He voiced support for several proposals, including: Simplifying and reducing the burdens of cross-compliance; the total abolition of set aside; a smooth transition to the abolition of dairy quotas by 2015; higher European modulation and offering countries the opportunity to revise their Single Payment System (SPS) model before 2013 towards an area based system.