Producers urged to avoid price temptation

High prices are tempting producers to send under-finished cattle to slaughter, meat bosses have warned.

EBLEX is warning producers to hit spec or it will hit them in the pocket.

To get the best return, animals must be properly finished.

A steer which is out of specification could be worth more than £100 less than one that meets spec. Not only do producers lose out on carcase weight but penalties could be imposed.

The amount lost will also far outweigh the costs of keeping the animal a bit longer to make sure it makes the grade.

EBLEX chief executive Richard Ali said: "Trying to get animals to market that bit earlier to take advantage of higher prices could easily backfire and cost money.

"The best route has always been to make sure animals are properly finished and to the required spec - that is the way to get the best price possible.

"On top of that, if more out of spec animals are put forward it will results in lower yields and therefore depress average prices."