Haggis Pie for St Andrews Day

A Scottish bakery chain has teamed up with a haggis specialist to create a tasty twist on Scotland's national dish, which is set to rival the Scotch pie.

Greggs and Macsween created the Haggis Pie just in time for St Andrew's day. It is made with Gregg's special scotch pie shell, filled with the finest Macsween haggis and topped with creamy mashed potatoes.

Macsween has recently invested in a new slicer (Treif Puma CE) which has an out-feed conveyor and allowed them to rapidly produce vast quantities of haggis portions that fit perfectly in the Greggs pie shell.

Macsween has also invested in a state of the art metal detector, Loma IQ3, which has variable frequency detection and will enable the company to produce a variety of products, from Greggs pies to retail packs of sliced haggis.

Commenting on this additional capability, James Macsween said: "We are now able to produce at least 200 slices per minute, with an accuracy of 1 mm. Sourcing the slicer couldn't have been easier, thanks to a fantastic website called Buy it, Sell it, Want it (www.buyitsellitwantit.co.uk)."

"We have never done slicing of this nature before, and hope that it will be a great enabler in tackling new markets."

The Haggis Pie will be available in all of the 165 Greggs stores across Scotland from the 26th November until the 1st December.