Another MP visits local pig farmer

The latest MP to pay a visit to her local pig farmer was MP for Burton Janet Dean, who met pig farmer Martin Barker at Needwood House Farm, Burton-on-Trent, to find out more about the current crisis facing the pig industry.

Barker said: "Pig farmers receive no subsidies and if we do not get a fairer distribution of costs throughout the supply chain soon, many may still face the prospect of going out of business. That means consumers will lose the choice to buy higher-welfare Quality Standard Mark pork, bacon, sausages and ham."

The visits were set up to give pig farmers a chance to discuss their issues face to face with their MP and to show MPs in various constituencies that, despite having some of the highest animal welfare standards in Europe, the British pig industry is in crisis.

The increase in feed costs over the past year means many farmers have sustained significant losses, with the industry as a whole losing over £150m.