European Commission to vote on pork export refunds

The EC Management Committee for Pigmeat is expected to vote in Brussels today (29 November) on a proposal to introduce export refunds for pork products.

European Agriculture Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel announced the proposal for the introduction of export refunds for pig meat carcases, cuts and bellies at an Agriculture Council meeting earlier this week.

The proposal is a direct response to the difficulties faced by the EU pig sector, as a result of high feed costs. Refunds would be payable for exports to all destinations.

Quality Meat Scotland has welcomed the proposal, which would provide some much-needed support for the Scottish pig sector.

QMS chairman Donald Biggar said: "While this move is in no way a solution to the extreme pressures currently facing the Scottish pig sector, it will certainly help.

"The introduction of EU export refunds for pigmeat will improve the international competitiveness of European pigmeat, widen the market opportunities and offer the potential of better returns for Scottish producers."