Chitty Plans Meetings With Farmers

Chitty Food Group, a leading supplier of organic beef, is planning a series of gatherings to give beef farmers a chance to discuss the future of the supply chain.

The informal meetings will be open to current and potential suppliers, and will give producers a chance to discuss the market with Chitty Food Group's managers, including the company's proprietor Andrew Chitty.

David Price, Chitty Food Group's sales and marketing director, said: "Maintaining close relationships with our farmer suppliers is absolutely central to Chitty's way of doing business.

"More than ever, consumers want quality and they want provenance. Only a properly joined up supply chain can do that. We want to hear what farmers have to say about the market as well as share our views with them.

"It's a chance to meet Andrew Chitty, the company's owner and chief executive, as well as other members of our sales and agricultural team. We'll provide a hot buffet and give people a chance to get to know each other."

Chitty Food Group has several successful beef producers' clubs, including the new Chitty Organic Beef Farmers Association, which is dedicated to supplying Tesco with British Organic beef, and the well established Organic Beef Producers Club, which supplies Marks & Spencer.

"The success of our organic beef producers' clubs show that farmers are interested in working with us in the best interests of quality British beef," said Price.

Chitty believes that British beef farmers deserve to feel more valued and that there is no longer room for a cut price product in the market.

"We've got to get the focus away from cutting prices to the bone. If we're going to have a livestock industry in this country at all, we have to make it possible for farmers to make a living in the sector," he said.

"If you try to go down the cheap route there will always be a low-cost foreign producer there to beat you. British livestock farmers should walk away from buyers who are only interested in shaving margins."

The meetings are planned to start in January and will take place at locations around England.