New Series of Kill It, Cook It, Eat It

Kill It, Cook It, It Eat is due to return for a controversial second series, this time following the meat production process for young animals.

The programme will show how veal, milk-fed lambs, kid goats and suckling pigs are reared and slaughtered and discuss the extreme emotions evoked by the slaughter of baby animals. According to the BBC, the programme will offer detailed explanations and opinions from all sides of the industry.

Each episode will examine the reactions of an invited group of guests, who will watch the slaughter procedure from a specially constructed studio built around a working abattoir and then eat some of the animals kiiled.

The producers behind the show claim that it is designed to bring together two moments the public have separated- the death of young animals and the consumption of their meat.

Martin Davidson, acting Genre Commissioner, BBC Specialist Factual, said: "Kill It, Cook It, Eat It is already established as innovative television and the new series will be as edgy and well-handled as the first.

"This is not an easy subject to face up to and this series aims to reconnect the British public with how the animals they eat reach their plate. It will show, straightforwardly and in detail, the entire process from farm to fork."

Master butchers John Mettrick and Andrew Sharpe, who also featured in the first series, will return to join presenter Julia Bradbury, leading vet Peter Jinman and chef Kate Moore for the series.

The second series of Kill It, Cook It, Eat It has been produced by Firefly for the BBC and commissioned by Danny Cohen, Controller, BBC Three.