Waitrose first for hygiene

WAITROSE is the first major supermarket multiple to be issued with the EFSIS Catering Standard Certificate - a new accreditation recognised by UKAS.

The standard was developed after extensive research and consultation with industry figures on issues such as hygiene, process, supply and good practice.

The catering facilities of Waitrose head office in Bracknell were inspected by EFSIS's Alison Nicholls, who said: "Waitrose had excellent systems with good documentation and record keeping. Staff were observing good personal hygiene practices."

Jackie Kerr, EFSIS commercial manager, said that having external validation by an independent, third-party, such as UKAS, provided a significant benefit to Waitrose because it gave public recognition to the supermarket for its high standards of food safety.

The Catering Standard consists of 20 sections, including design layout and process flow, equipment design and maintenance, hazard analysis, supplier approval, process control, traceability and personal hygiene practices.