Morrisons takes up recycling initiative

Morrisons is introducing a labelling scheme for own-brand packaging. Called 'Recyclopedia', it aims to help increase awareness of what can be recycled and where.

The scheme has been welcomed by the national recycling campaign, Recycle Now. The 'Recyclopedia' guide has three easy-to-recognise symbols for packaging: big grin, which indicates 100% recyclable or home compostable; smiling, meaning partly recyclable; and finally, not smiling, which means not yet recyclable, but we are working on it. Each symbol has a 'speech bubble' giving information about what can be recycled and how to find out where.

Packaging technologist Mark Lee said: "At Morrisons, we are working to reduce packaging, looking for more sustainable sources and recyclable materials to avoid packaging waste being sent to landfill, wherever we can. We're not claiming to have all the answers, but we can share what we do know with our customers."

To support the launch of 'Recyclopedia' during Recycle Now Week, Morrisons will conduct a UK-wide recycling quiz in all its stores on Friday, 8 June to find out about awareness of recycling.

Amanda Barry Hirst, from Recycle Now, said: "We welcome initiatives like Recyclopedia as a good way to raise public awareness and help people to recycle more."