SuperMeat entry guide

Thinking of entering SuperMeat? Here's a handy guide to make the most of your entry.

There are two stages to completing a good store entry for the SuperMeat Awards. The first stage is to accurately complete the Entry Pack. This consists of a series of questions designed to give the judges a good understanding of the store. Judges look for evidence of:

? an ongoing effort to introduce improvements and new initiatives that

benefit customers

? a willingness to help the local communities and groups that live and

work near the store

? considered answers that address specific issues and give actual examples

related to the individual store, not generalised points such as 'we

offer the best quality and a high level of service'.

? pointers to team-working and staff who are committed, enthusiastic and

ambitious both for themselves and the company they work for

? information that demonstrates how the store adjusts to trading through a

year rather than a 'snapshot' of how it might trade in a single day

? a wide range of photographs and other supporting materials that reflect

all aspects of what makes the store great

Armed with this information judges can then select the best stores to visit.

During a store visit judges look for evidence of good organisation and sensible thinking, taking in

? well stocked aisles

? clear walkways

? good signposting so customers can easily find items

? meat and fish counters with excellent displays

? staff who are not only helpful but knowledgeable

? support from senior store managers

? good technical systems that ensures all trading complies with the law

Above all the judges are looking for an environment which makes the customer's shopping experience not only stress free but positively enjoyable.