Pig worker training initiative

Food and farming minister Lord Jeff Rooker has launched a new initiative designed by BPEX to improve training of staff in the pig industry.

From Sustainability to Sustained Ability is the name of the strategy, developed by BPEX and a key element is the Pig Industry Professional Register (PIPR), which keeps records of workers who sign up and has been established to recognise professionalism in the pig industry and encourage lifelong learning by its membership.

Pig Industry Training Strategy Implementation group chairman Richard Longthorp said: "It is vital to get good people into the industry, train them and keep them.

"The modern pig industry is high-tech and forward looking. If somebody started at 18 and was well trained, by 25 they could be managing a 500 sow farrow to finish unit with a turnover of close to a million and a salary to match. Few other industries could provide that level of responsibility and opportunity."

The Food and Farming Minister Lord Rooker said at the launch: "I give my full support to PIPR. It is trail-blazing in many ways".

"Our pig industry is highly professional. That means consumers can buy and eat with confidence".