RMIF candidates build bridges in module two

The candidates in the Red Meat Industry Forum's Accelerated Management Development programme have successfully completed their second module at Cranfield. The module, which ran from 6-14 September, was entitled 'Lean Tools and Techniques' and focused on lean production, a method which identifies inefficiencies and bad practices to develop change for continuous improvement.

"The group has done very well so far - they are quick learners," said Cranfield coach and course leader Geoff Nelder. "What really impressed us is that they are going back into their companies and

immediately using the knowledge and methods they have learnt."

After intense personal assessments in the first module, the candidates threw themselves into the more practical second module with gusto. "They went away buzzing because the lean production exercises opened their eyes to simple things they can do to make a huge difference," said Nelder.

The module culminated in a bridge-building exercise, which was led by coaches from the Danish meat trade college Roskilde. The exercise saw the group split into three teams, which then work together to build a four-metre bridge out of lollipop sticks and glue, that was capable of holding a truck with a 1kg weight. "

The exercise mimicked the difficulties they would face in a real organisation," explained Cranfield coach Kevin Bennett. "They needed to understand communication issues, planning issues and the implications if someone makes a wrong decision.

"The bridge fell over but it taught them a lot about problem-solving and team management!"