Market traders air concerns to mayor

Retailers at Smithfield market were given the opportunity to voice concerns over redevelopment and congestion charges during a visit by the Lord Mayor on 20 June.

The Mayor was given a tour of the market by Greg Lawrence, chairman of the Smithfield Market Tenants' Association (SMTA), and was presented with produce indi-cative of the range sold at the market by Peter Harrison of H & C Meats on behalf of the SMTA.

The tour was followed by a breakfast, hosted by the SMTA in the Butchers' Hall. Other guests included representatives of the Markets Committee, the Food Standards Agency, the Meat Hygiene Service and the City of London Police.

In a speech to the gathering, Lawrence expressed the SMTA's determination to defend the market and its buildings from redevelopment and to continue to trade there for years to come.

In addition, he said that the tenants were concerned that the City had not done enough to gain relief for Smithfield from the congestion charge.

In reply, the Lord Mayor told the gathering that he recognised that the City had failed so far on the congestion charge but assured that they would keep trying to resolve the issue.

He also revealed that a major design change had taken place on the Crossrail plans, meaning there will be no construction under the market.