English butchers win French approval

France’s finest butchers, chefs and food writers put English butchery techniques under the spotlight during a recent visit to London organised by AHDB Meat Services.

During their visit last week the Rosbifs Club, an exclusive dining society, met master butchers and tasted high-quality dry aged beef. They were also treated to a Masterclass in English butchery techniques at Butchers’ Hall from a renowned London meat supplier.

The managing director Nigel Trottman and his butcher Paul Rowley showed the visitors how English and French methods differed, with help from Parisian butcher Yves-Marie Le Bourdonnec. Nigel outlined how English butchery is evolving towards classic Continental techniques as chefs demand alternative cuts of meat for the restaurant business.


“The group were incredibly enthusiastic and very hands-on during all the demonstrations,” said EBLEX’s Hugh Judd. “They had so many questions on differences in the language, use and popularity of the cuts of beef. It was a great learning exercise for English and French alike.”


The following day, the group made an early morning visit to Smithfield Market, before moving on to a niche supermarket, then finished the tour at a well-known butcher’s in Holland Park.