Ravas forklifts show their clever side

Mobile scale company Ravas showed off its latest technology in scale forks at Pro2Pac. iForks is said to be the first completely wireless scale fork for forklift trucks.

Since all components are fully integrated in the forks, the iForks have no external cabling and the weighing system can be installed on any forklift truck in a matter of minutes. From that moment on, every load lifted by the truck is instantly and accurately weighed.

Each scale fork then communicates the weight lifted with the weight indicator in the cabin via Bluetooth.

The weight indicator also offers a complete range of weighing functions, such as gross/net weighing, total weight per shipment, code entry, date/time registration and piece counting. It can provide weight data transfer to a printer, a data terminal, or directly to a WMS or ERP system, via RS232, Bluetooth or WiFi. The display is equipped with back-light, making it readable even in the darkest corners of a warehouse or production environment.

iForks also offers Digital Calibration Technology, where the scale can be digitally adjusted via the keys of the indicator. This makes for a very maintenance-friendly weighing system and provides low cost of ownership said Ravas.

The weighing system also has a shut-off function, which automatically switches off the electronics after a prolonged period of non-use. The user can adjust the auto shut-off time according to the use and application of the truck.