La Dolce Vita

Buongiorno e benvenuto to this month’s Italian Glorious Food. The Italians are the kings of fine food and they have revolutionised the cooking habits of many in this country.

Spaghetti bolognese is one of the most commonly made and popular dishes at suppertime, while other Italian favourites, such as lasagne, meatballs and pizza, are sweet music to the ears of butchers and farmshops in that a key ingredient in them is meat.

The Italians are quite fond of their meat but there are so many accessories to these dishes that you can sell in your shop. A beef or lamb mince bolognese needs certain extras to make it authentic, such as tinned tomatoes and tomato paste, oregano and, of course, the spagetti. So why sell them the mince but leave them no option but to buy the rest at the supermarket?

A lasagne also uses mince, but you could stock the lasagne sheets too – and even a bagged salad. Most people buy their pizzas oven-ready, which they put in the freezer and then spend around 20 minutes to cook in an oven. But for children, pizza-making can be fun, so you could encourage this by selling ideas for pizza toppings, such as BBQ and cajun chicken, ham, pepperoni, prosciutto and salami. Arrivederci e buono apetito.