Brogdale gets Creative on cabinets

Brogdale Farm Shop in Kent has invested in a new butcher’s shop on the site of the Brogdale National Fruit Collection, with an L-shaped counter from Creative Retail Solutions’ (CRS) Criocabin range and a new display fitting called
the I-liner.

This refrigerated back-of-the-counter display works on the principle that if the customers can see the goods, they are tempted to buy them. Empty wall spaces behind counters can be put to use to lure customers into a purchase, CRS said.

Serving top-quality meats and homemade sausages, the shop has turned fruit tree enthusiasts into meat devotees, but it also has a lot of regular customers. The publicity about veal from Gordon Ramsay’s television programme resulted in a lot of requests from customers to buy veal. So Brogdale contacted a farmer and made a special arrangement to supply the veal. The move has turned out to be very successful and the veal is now one of the items on display in the new-look counter.